• Fairy Tale Books

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    ANJC 3724 

    Gush on these miniature fairy tale book covers (note – will not open), attached to thick brass chain with repurposed silk ribbon; book titles are:

    • Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland
    • Jack and the Beanstalk (2)
    • Little Red Riding Hood
    • Peter Pan
    • Cinderella
    • Robin Hood
    • Little Snow White

    A bigger leather-bound “book” hangs as pendant – this one you may open, has blank pages for secret entries ???

    School charms also hang from a brass chain

    Closure is a slide bead on an artist-created hand-painted ribbon

    This beauty weighs 2.51 oz (for reference, a standard can of pop/soda weighs 12 oz)


    Overall length end-to-end: varies from approx 16 to 32 inches, add 7-inch pendant assemblage drop

    When on, nape to chest: varies from approx 8 to 16 inches, add pendant drop

    Miniature books: approx 25x18x4 mm

    Leather-bound book: approx 33x28x12 mm


    Colors may vary slightly from what is pictured here due to the natural variation of certain stones and the differences pictured with this jewelry piece for component sizing reference.  Dimensions measured at the tallest, widest and thickest component sections. Before placing your order, please review store policies in the "About Alexis Noelle" section. Thank you for visiting my shop.

  • Fairy Tale Books
  • Fairy Tale Books

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